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“The Importance on Advancing Vocational Education to Meet Contemporary Labor Demands”

The Vocational Education Program on Universitas Indonesia invites academia, researchers, policy-makers, registered training organisations, industry, schools and university students, employer groups, education and training authorities, and business associations to the 2nd International Conference on Vocational Higher Education (ICVHE) 2017. This conference discussed the recent improvement and challenges on vocational education and how it has affected the implementation of vocational education in the country and beyond. It provides a platform for research which can inform these deliberations to be presented and debated and for delegates to explore ways in which these insights from research might be translated into policy and actions which will contribute to advancing vocational education in Indonesia and other countries.

Important Dates:
Full Paper Submission Deadline: 1 May 2017
Notification of Paper Acceptance: 22 May 2017
Camera Ready Paper Submission: 21 June 2017
Early Bird Registration: 23 May – 21 June 2017
Deadline for Final Registration: 7 July 2017
Conference Dates: 27-29 July 2017

Research Areas:

This research area highlights past, current or future policy changes that surround vocational education, either domestic or abroad. More specifically, the conference wants to shed light on how these policy changes have created shortfalls or advantages to the implementation of vocational education on a specific settings.

Although there is a concensus that skills are important, there is less clarity on the nature of skill, the kind of qualifications we need and how they should be developed. Therefore, it is crucial for the development of vocational education to hear various views to share their ideas regarding this issue.

Apprenticeship and traineeship are ways to become trained and qualified in a particular type of job. We invite presenters to discuss the effectiveness of such scheme in their own experience. The challenges on the implementation of this scheme could also be discussed.

The focus on being responsive to the needs of the labor market and preparing students for occupations and employment continue to guide the provision of vocational educational all around the globe. In this event, we invite presenters to share their innovation and strategy to tackle this issue.

The economic development of a country depends on the skills of its work force. The economic and social argument in favor of vocational education is linked to the assumption that vocational education system match the needs of the world of work. Therefore through this subject area, this conference want to investigate the perceptions of employers and educators regarding the role of vocational education in the development of the country.

Focus on meeting the demands on the ever-changing occupations and labor markets is highly significant. It is clear that it is this focus that will open up diverse pathways to employment, and increase student access to different jobs. In the conference, we want to know the strategies that have been laid down to form a solid foundation to foster stronger linkage between industry and vocational education providers.

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